"The sexually most sought after individual in Hollywood since Marilyn Monroe."  

                                                                                                                         --Bizarre Magazine 

"The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.  The one who walks alone will likely find himself in places where no one has ever been before."

                                                                                                                                    --Albert Einstein




Welcome to the Official Fan Website of the one and only Mangina Man, world-renowned man with a pussy and Hollywood living legend, Joe Mangina! 

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(from the 1988 German film,  Der Mann Manngina  - copies available)


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The vagina has been claimed as part of the male sexual anatomy!  

Did you ever fantasize about a real bio man (not FTM transsexual) having a pussy?  I was born male with a normal 9 inch penis. In 1988 Dr. Michael Seghers (now retired) in Brussels, Belgium did my penile inversion surgery. 

I am a very fortunate individual who has been able to experience what could be be described as living 3 lives in one lifetime.  It's like adding a couple reincarnations into a current life.

As a 19-year-old teen male I originally sought out Penile Inversion Technique surgery seeking a complete male to female gender change and lived that way very successfully for a number of years.  I was even formerly married "as female" and my husband was not aware of my transsexual status. I subsequently ended the marriage because I lived in fear of his feelings being hurt if he ever found out I was transsexual.  To make a long story short, I became dissatisfied with living the life of a "true transsexual" because that was the best it was ever going to be and that was all I'd ever be--a male who had a sexchange to live as a female.  No matter how much I invested in loving myself and no matter how perfectly passable I was as female, I would always remain a female with a history of once being male.  I realized I could not be comfortable being out in the open with being a transsexual woman. It just wasn't a perfect fit for me.  So, with as much validity as the first path of transition took I began a second journey to transition from female to male.  I was entering uncharted territory, but what did I find at the end of my journey?  I realized that it feels perfectly natural and wonderful to desire to be a very masculine male with a vagina.   I found myself joining a similar path with female to male transsexuals that awakened to realize along their journey that they were gay men trapped in female bodies.  Having a completely outward appearance of a male while yet retaining a vagina to have sex with biological males is the perfect life! (For some of us)

This website is here to let you know about a new breed of men.  These men are not transsexual as the meaning of that word is to exchange one sex completely for the other or to be in the process thereof.  The destination of these men is a blending of the sexes--the best of both worlds if you don't mind the cliche--total masculinity that claims the vagina as male genitalia and part of a very masculine sexual image. They do not wish to live as women, yet they do wish to have their penis surgically inverted to create for themselves the advantage of the sexual functioning of a vagina on a male body.  

This website is to be supportive of males who wish to have this surgery and the men who are attracted to guys with penile inversion surgery.  See the LINKS page for a networking group for men who seek this surgery and the men who adore them.  

It's a difficult journey being basically the first of my kind, a pioneer of sorts in the world of GBLT activism.  While it's a perfectly accepted destination to be a Shemale with functioning male genitalia or a Transmen with a vagina, the powers that be in the medical community want to say creating a mixed sex person, a male with a sexchange vagina, is unethical???  Instead of establishing criteria for a legitimate surgical process these men are forced to FAKE their way through the OUTDATED Harry Benjamin Standards of Care to live a life that feels whole and right to them.  Shame on the medical community!

Simply GOOGLE "Penile Inversion Technique" to find many websites and surgeons who give a detailed account of how this surgery is performed and many photos of post-operative surgical results and some video. I would be redundant for me to explain the procedure here.  The very same surgical technique is used for sexchange surgeries as I had done, penile inversion technique.

Enjoy your visit!

Joe Mangina 

*Legally, this is not considered a pornographic website. No identifiable REAL HUMAN GENITALIA is visable.  All of my penis is surgically tucked up inside me where it cannot be seen.  The surgical modification only gives the illusion of female genitalia.  Legally, no real genitalia is viewable on this site so this site is viewable by children and in Asian/Middle Easten countries where pornography is not allowed to be viewed via the internet.  I could walk naked down the street and not be prosecuted because no actual genitalia, male or female is visable.